The Samsung DCS 408, ideal for a small to medium business, delivers the advanced features and functionality of a large telephone system at a fraction of the cost.

The DCS 408 ensures all calls are handled efficiently within your business. It is easy to use with effective features available at the touch of a button, such as speed dialing, redialing, call forwarding for when you�re engaged or unavailable, and call pick-up that allows to answer colleagues calls from their own handset. Trunk-to-trunk transfer and call divert allow calls to be forwarded to external destinations.
The DCS 408 is available with a wide range of classy and practical handsets from simple analogue and stand-alone DECT phones to fully featured digital keyphones with LCD display and programmable functions.

The DCS 408 is a flexible, modular system that keeps costs down, as you only need to buy the solution that your organization requires. Additional handsets or devices can be easily added.

Accessing the multitude of other features is easy with 'help' prompts appearing to guide you during each stage of your call. Easy to install and use with advanced digital functionality.

� Simple Configuration

One Processor & One Board
-Type A (DCS-408 ISDN) : 2BRI + 4DLI + 4SLi
-Type B (DCS-408 Aanlog) : 4TRK + 4DLI + 4SLI

� Practical MISC (1SIO + 1 Int/Ext MOH + 1 Dry Contact)
� Easy Installation & Maintenance

-Plug & Play
-PC Programming & Maintenance (For Type A)

� Slim and Simple Design

CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation)

� PC-MMC (For BRI : Type A)

Optional S/W package
Easy Connection through the DB9 connector in the SIO Option (via MODEM : Remote PC-MMC).

� Uniform Call Distribution
� Least Cost Routing
� Easy Installation (Plug & Play)

Default program DSS buttons (DT/DS/Function keys)
Easy Connection through the Modular Jack connector -Compact Size ( 350 x 190 x 60 mm, 2Kg )Uniform Call Distribution
Sophisticated Call Handling


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